Feel Good, Be Connected & Get Excellent Results

The Process

The Process

The process is a regular activity that takes place online or in person.

It's a regular meeting where people get basic needs met. It is a simple yet refined process of ongoing and continuous practice of listening from presence. Perfected over 25 years it is a practice of sharing and connecting with oneself and one's co-workers. We call this regular group sharing and listening practice Harmonia X.

By meeting people's basic needs and creating workplaces where you feel accepted, seen, heard, and respected.

To meet basic needs, we practice sharing and listening in a structured way that is designed to be safe and to promote ongoing acceptance, connection and respect between participants.



We offer a culture shift that supports acceptance, engagement, and performance. This is for people who work in person, remotely or blended. This is for anywhere a team has a business or process improvement objective. It is an invitation to participate in an ongoing journey of personal and organisational growth.



Harmonia X: Benefits you, your people, team and organisation:

Harmonia X helps individuals increase self-awareness, enhance empathy and improve communication skills. Consistently getting your needs met helps boost self-confidence, regulate emotions and manage stress effectively. By creating an environment where people feel seen, heard, and connected, their fundamental needs are better met, this leads to improved performance and personal growth.

Engaging Remote Workers

The process works well for people working in remote, blended and on site teams. Harmonia X empowers you and your people to grow together and develop the essential qualities of high performing team members, resulting in better collaboration and healthy dynamic.

Personal Development

By increasing self-awareness and awareness of others, fostering a culture of generous communication, Harmonia X creates a working environment where creativity thrives, experiments are encouraged, and obstacles to progress are effectively addressed and overcome.


This also supports loyalty, engagement and a better working atmosphere.

About us

About us

In September 2022 Hari and Eoin met through a mutual friend.


It has been a real privilege to have helped companies improve their systems and processes for over 25 years. It's a hands on facilitation service that helps leaders to transform their value streams, solve problems and realise their strategy. In leadership academies and "boot camps" I've been connecting with people on the importance of building and supporting self-esteem, reducing anxiety, and encouraging open-hearted communication.

Conscious leaders understand the connection between personal growth, teamwork, and business improvement. In the creation and development of Harmonia X there is a deliberate and effective way to help businesses thrive by fostering and maintaining a really positive work environment. There is a way to more comprehensively meet employees needs and create an environment where creativity, engagement and loyalty can flourish.


For over 40 years, I have immersed myself in the human potential movement, exploring tangible and positive ways of personal transformation. In the late 70s, I delved into techniques like Bio-energetics, rebirthing, and meditation. In the early 1980's I was trained by Charles Berner in his enlightenment intensive approach, a powerful method for individuals to directly experience their true selves. In 1997, I co-founded an organization dedicated to facilitating personal growth, utilizing the practice of sharing as a cornerstone. Through workshops, training, and festivals, our centre has thrived for 26 years, welcoming thousands of participants who embrace this transformative practice.

Even during the recent pandemic, our organization had to downsize, but 70% of our employees chose to remain solely for food and shelter, drawn by the sense of acceptance, family, and collaborative spirit. Their experiences inspire us to share this way of working with other companies and organizations worldwide. When Eoin and I connected, we discovered a shared purpose. Eoin's extensive experience working with companies and diverse demands, combined with my positive experiences of the sharing process, compelled us to spread this impactful approach to others.

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If you're a conscious leader who wants to build an amazing workplace where everyone thrives, please feel free to contact us on hello@harmoniax.com or send us a message below.